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The Best of Frank O'Connor - Julian Barnes, Frank O'Connor My introduction to Frank O'Connor came through his famous short story "Guests of a Nation". Some stranger on the internet said I should read it, and I was astonished. Such rich language, humor, empathy, outrage, and, in the end, sorrow. Surely one of the most devastating endings in the history of short stories.

I immediately had to find more of his works, and my local Half Price Books store had a copy of this volume, authoritatively titled The Best of Frank O'Connor. There are a few other collections of his works in varying stages of being in print and being more or less comprehensive, and I can't speak to their qualities. The great thing about this book, though, is that it doesn't just package all his short stories without context; it includes letters, essays, reviews, and other pieces of his writings thematically placed among the stories to give insight into his influences and thought processes. It makes it all the more interesting to spend some time sifting through his work. Truly a rewarding experience.