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Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt This book just opens up my heart. It opened up my heart and poured itself in, a combination of magic and memory mixed into the most perfect concoction of semisolid cement filling that molded vessel.

June is a lonely, introspective, imaginative girl. She loves her uncle Finn, who is dying of AIDS and who shows her the beautiful things in the world, like the medieval chambers of a New York cathedral or Mozart's Requiem. And after he dies, she folds up into herself, until she unravels some of the mysteries of who her uncle was beyond how she knew him, and finds someone who misses him as much as she did.

The Tom Waits song Time, sung beautifully by Tori Amos, haunts me as an appropriate soundtrack for much of this story. Two lonely characters in a windswept city, without forever ahead of them.

I can't recommend this book enough. Anyone should read it. I haven't recommended it that well, perhaps, but this review does awesome justice to a true contemporary beauty: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/365322964